We received the prestigious JCI’s TOYP award!

Happy national Children’s Day! On this day we pray that people in our country focus less on themselves and more on the children of Bulgaria!

We are proud to announce to you that Mihaela Stoykova, founder and CEO of NGO “Operation Teddy Bear”, received the TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young People) award in the category “Humanitarian and Volunteer Leadership and Achievements” at the JCI award ceremony in Bulgaria yesterday.

This achievement is not the fruit of the labor of a person, but of an army of devoted and selfless volunteers and members of the team, who have been trying to change be the change we all want to see in Bulgaria!

Behind this award is the work, love, dedication, kindness and efforts of a numerous team scattered around the whole country, who dreams and fights for the future of the Bulgarian underprivileged children.

The truth is that we are only at the beginning – ahead of us is a long and winding road with many battles and hopefully a lot of victories for our talented vulnerable youth! If we are blessed we will see the change in our time… and if not, at least we will have built part of the way for those who will continue our work!

As Mihaela Stoykova said in her speech at the ceremony: “…the abandoned and vulnerable children within the border of Bulgaria are our responsibility…they are our children and if we want to see a brighter future for our country, it is up to us to mold and shape bright, smart, brave and kindhearted human beings who will later lead our people to prosperity and happiness.”

To all of you who contribute to our mission with your time, effort, skills, finances and love every year we say “Thank you!” – we cannot do it without you, for we are a family and together we stand strong!