We run the year-round mentoring program “Bulgaria’s Hidden Talents”, which gives a chance for professional qualification to youth deprived of parental care and youth at risk. The organization also leads the largest Christmas campaign for the fulfillment of children’s dreams of disadvantaged children and youth in Bulgaria.

We give a real chance for a professional realization to youth at risk

Through the Year-Round Mentoring Program “The Hidden Talents of Buglaria” we prepare gifted children at risk for university or get them qualified to start work once they leave their home. We provide them with: private lessons, personal mentors, scholarships, all required books, equipment and materials, access to workshops, seminars and qualification.

We give back the childhood and Chrismas to the Bulgarian children in need!

For the past 16 years we have run the biggest grass root Christmas Campaign for making disadvantaged children’s wishes come true in Bulgaria. If you want to participate, please find a Bulgarian speaking friend to help you, as the gifting platform only works in Bulgarian language. The next Campaign starts on 1st November 2024 and ends on 6 December 2024!


Valeria became Tennis Player №1 in Bulgaria!

Monny published her 1st book with Orange

Danny and her first solo exhibition

2nd place for “Sportsman with Disabilities”

Nadya who dreams of saving lives

Polly got accepted in the Art Academy


Have you ever heard of a fairy tale based on a real life story? Well, there is one! “The Talented Bear Monny” tells the real life story of Minka Kirilova – Monny. She is one of the young people we helped enter university through the “Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” Mentoring Program. Monny published a second book in partnership with Orange Publishing House. You can find this book in any Orange Bookstore (currently only in Bulgarian).

Our small but dedicated team is looking for your help! If you are part of a company professional who knows the significance and importance of the team behind each project, cause or mission and you are looking for a significant and meaningful cause to support, write to us and become part of “The Golden Circle” Community. You can contact us at info@plushenomeche.org

On June 27, 2023, we threw “Past and Future” – a charity exhibition with works by the artists from “The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” Mentoring Program. You can take a peek into the world of our 8 artists and gift yourself a copy or an original of their art, thus supporting the Program and their professional future.

We now have a Bear Shop thanks to CloudCart. By buying a product from us you support the whole organization, our team and all our activities throughout the year. In the shop you will find: stickers for cars, mugs, notebooks, paintings, mugs, cards, bags and badges.


Pledge Your Birthday

Pledge Your Birthday

Dedicate your birthday to a talented child in need – invite your friends to donate funds for lessons instead of gifts!

Buy a Present with a Cause

Buy a Present with a Cause

Gift a “Product with a Cause” to your loved ones and support our fight for the professional realization of talented young people in need.

Pledge Your Wedding

Pledge Your Wedding

Invite your guests to donate funds to our talented youth from the “Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” mentoring program instead of buying flowers.

Gift Your Talent for the Talent

Gift Your Talent for the Talent

Make a charity concert, a bazaar with handmade works, an exhibition, a yoga class or any other event in support of the “Hidden Talents of Bulgaria”!


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The Golden Circle:
The companies-professionals thanks to which we exist year-round