“Michelangelo and I” – the first conquered peak

Yesterday we had the indescribable honor of hosting the first independent exhibition by a participant in the year-round mentoring program for gifted underprivileged children “The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria”. Galin Kovachev, the young painter and his teacher and mentor in the program, Julian Messa, took six months to prepare 12 breath-taking masterpieces based on the works of the great Michelangelo. The exhibition is a modern view of the work of the genius master of art. During the whole school year the famous Bulgarian artist Julian closely tutored and guided one of our deprived of parental care participants in order for the boy to fully discover his potential and reach a new level of development in the world of art!

The exhibition was realized through the kind help of our friends and sponsors “Grupama Insurance Bulgaria”, who financed the event and Art Gallery “Place 167”, who provided us with their extravagant space for an extremely affordable price.

This is one of the first conquered peaks by a gifted underprivileged child from “The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” and we are eager to see the successes and development of the participants in the second year of the mentoring program. In the school year 2018-2019 our team will be working with 7 of the old talents and 4 new gifted children.
The guest at the event included: Hristina Ivancheva, principle, the team and children from “Neofit Rilski” the safe house, where Galin lives, the team of NGO “Operation Teddy Bear”, the patrons who financed the private art classes of a whole group of children, including Galin: Neda Klenska, Petia Lozanova and Petia Velikova as well as our sponsors, partners and friends.

If you would like to become a proud owner of one of the original paintings or a poster copy from the exhibition “Michelangelo and I” by Galin Kovachev do not hesitate to write to us: info@plushenomeche.org

To all our donors, sponsors, partners and friends of “The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” thank you for you priceless support. It is YOU who make it possible for us to provide the talented vulnerable children of Bulgaria with a chance for a future professional realization! God bless YOU!