Our team believes that the thousands of neglected children and youth in foster homes should NOT recieve attention and support only around Christmas time! Therefore we created the year-round mentoring program “The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” that gives these children the chance to develop crucial social, intellectual and professional skills, so that they would have the chance for a decent and stable future. If you would like to be part of this initiative, you could participate through the following ways:


Bank account details:

“Operation Teddy Bear” Association
Банка: UniCredit Bulbank
IBAN: BG15UNCR70001522802121

Pledge Your Wedding!

One of the most magical and special days in your life is upon you! You are getting married and you want your wedding to bring joy and meaning not only to you and your friends but to someone else! If you want to make a difference in a child’s life by providing him with the chance to follow his dreams and talents, invite your friends to donate towards our cause “The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” instead of buying you flowers or presents. Write to us at: info@plushenomeche.org

” Wedding Bouquets do bring joy and smiles … but unfortunately, only temporarily. Our goal was to put these funds into an initiative that will bring long-term smiles – an initiative that can change someone’s live… We chose “The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” precisely because it gives a chance to talented and ambitious underprivileged children to change their lives and succeed in realizing their dreams!”
Pledge Your Birthday!

You want to do something special for your birthday! Pledge it for a good cause! The biggest gift of all is giving a child the chance to pursue his dream! Instead of gifts, invite your friends to make a donation, make a fundraising page or event to support “The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria”. Write to us at: info@plushenomeche.org

Become a corporate angel!

A Corporate Angel is a company, corporation or organization that fully supports one of our gifted young people, part of “The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria”. The Corporate Angel provides financial and material supports the talented child’s development and growth within one school year. If YOU want to be part of the path to the success of a gifted child and give a chance for a brighter, meaningful future, please email us at: info@plushenomeche.org

“It is an honor for us to help this unique for our country initiative and develop the talent of disadvantaged children. We believe that education is the foundation for the future of every child, and for these children in particular, it is also a way to integrate into society and broaden their horizons.”

– Henkel Bulgaria