The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria


We are fighting for a better future for disadvantaged talents!

The year-round Mentoring Program “The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” gives talented young people deprived of parental care and talents from socially disadvantaged families a chance to apply to university and find work.

The program provides access to private lessons, seminars, workshops, camps and competitions, work with an individual mentors, scholarships, textbooks, equipment and everything necessary for the success of each talented young person in the Program.


Chris / Traditional Dancing
Accepted in the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts with Choreography
Corporate Angel

Yordanka / Art
Accepted in the Varna Free University with Fashion Design
Corporate Angel

Alex, Lazar and Ilya / Canoeing
Accepted in the “Vasil Levski” National Military Academy with Air defense and Military Comm.
Corporate Angel

Polina / Veterinary Medicine
Accepted in the Trakiа University
Corporate Angels
Coca-Cola and foodpanda

Sonny / Math and IT
Accepted at the Techical University
Corporate Angel
Chaos Group

Steven / Anime
Accepted at the New Bulgarian University
Corporate Angel
The Stars Group


Paulina / Graphic Design
Applying to University in 2022
Corporate Angel
Astea Conference

Marian / Guitar and Drums
Applying to University in 2024
Corporate Angel
Konica Minolta

Stanislava / Graphic Design
Applying to University in 2023
Corporate Angel
Chaos Group

The Mathematician / Math
Corporate Angels

The Artist / Drawing
Corporate Angels

The Three Football Players
Corporate Angels

Nadezhda / Medicine
Applying to University in 2022
Corporate Angel

The Little Painter / Arts
Corporate Angels

Monny / Literature
Applying to University in 2023
Corporate Angel

The Sportsgirl / Table Tennis
Corporate Angel


Tonny / Violin
Two years of violin lessons
Corporate Angel
ITF Group

Zlatko / Culinary
Full Year Internship in UnoPiu

Asen / Traditional Singing
One of Binka Dobreva’s Students

Jennifer / Pharmacy
Left to work abroad

Petya* / Psychology
Applying to University in 2021
Corporate Angel

George / Art and Sculpture
One year of art lessons
Coca-Cola and foodpanda

Severina / Traditional Dancing
Year and a half of dancing lessons
Coca-Cola and foodpanda

Daniel / Illustration
Two years of professional art lessons
Corporate Angel
Poker Stars

Radoslav / Football
Corporate Angels
foodpanda and Coca-Cola

“The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” provides full access to:

• individual development program for the whole school year with short and long-term goals;
• weekly private lessons;
• individual work with a trained mentor;
• participation in seminars, workshops, contests, competitions, trainings, camps, etc .;

• the necessary materials;
• psychological support;
• motivational meetings with famous and successful individuals;
• preparation for applying to University;
• applying for an internship or a job.

Bank account:

“Operation Teddy Bear” Association
Bank: UniCredit Bulbank
IBAN: BG15UNCR70001522802121


The Program started with 8 talented participants in 2017. In the past three years we have worked with a total of 28 underprivileged children. Two of them successfully created their first solo exhibitions, others won medals and competitions, 6 of them got accepted to university. We continue working with 11 of them and we are also accepting new talenst for the school year 2021-2022.

Currently we have talented children part of the Program in Stara Zagora, Vidin, Elhovo, Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv and Biala Slatina and the talents we are supporting are in the fields of:  art, football, poetry, mathematics and medicine.

In the school year of 2020-2021 we are preparing two kids for the National Art Academy and Sofia University. Wish them good luck!

In June and July 2021 we will be looking for mentors for the new talents in the Program, who will start their participation in September.


Why a MENTORIG Program? Because the talented participants in the Program have the need for support and mentoring by a more experienced person. This will help them realize their talents and skills that will help their development in a professional, emotional and social aspect.

To be a Mentor to one of our talented participants you do NOT need to have experience in the creative sphere of that participant.

The role of the Mentor requires:• positive example for the child/teenager;
• guidance for the realization of the participants interests and goals;
• guidance on his / her social and relationship with others;
• support for building a positive self-esteem;
• motivating and encouraging growth in the chosen field of development;
• regular weekly meetings between the mentor and the child / young person.
This is possible through:• the gradual establishment of trust relationships;
• organizing or involving the participants in various events for personal and professional development (eg seminars, workshops, cultural events);
• emotional support and personal example.
The responsibilities of the Mentor are:• to explore the individual capabilities and interests of the participant;
• to target and recommend appropriate activities and events to the participant;
• to help him / her choose a university, internship, profession, etc.
Become a mantor
In May 2019 our team will start recruiting new Mentors for the new school year – September 2019 and May 2020. If you want to be one of them you can send us a CV and a motivational letter in writing to
The best sign of success for a teacher is when you can safely say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.’ – Maria Montessori


Mentoring in the “Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” Program is a voluntary, unpaid form of mentor and mentor relationship with clearly established rules, goals and principles of interaction within the Mentoring Program. Mentors in our program undergo specialized training to prepare them for work with the program participants.


The mentoring program includes an entire team who works in line with both the objectives of the Program and the individual goals set by and for each participant. For optimal results and compliance with the general rules of the Mentoring Program, the goals and action plan for achieving them are actively discussed with the team and participants in the Program.