Media and Articles about Our Work

We distribute gifts to over 11,000 children and adults in need!

Репортаж Коледа 2023 bTV

Charity exhibition in the heart of Sofia

Репортаж БНТ 1 Изложба

We are an Agent of Change in the TEAM category for 2022

Статия от

Paulina is already a student of Graphic Design and Photography

Статия в

Rado: the boy who breathes football

Статия във 2019

15 years after the first Christmas present

Статия в КАПИТАЛ

Nadia, who dreams of saving human lives

Статия в

Laughter with a Cause helps talented youth in need

Репортаж по bTV

Jump with a cause and help a talent in need

Репортаж в На Кафе

We are looking for volunteers for Christmas

Репортаж БНТ1 2023

A children's book based on a real story

Репортаж в На Кафе 2023

We won 17,000 Leva in ``Who Wants to be a Millionaire``

Благотворителен епизод на Стани богат

2nd charity photo exhibition of Radoslav Sviretsov

Репортаж БНТ 2023

We give a chance for professional development to young people in need

Репортаж bTV 2018

An 18-year-old girl without parents published her first collection of poems

Репортаж BG On Air 2021

Every child should celebrate Christmas

Репортаж на Социална мрежа bTV 2023

Monny published his first collection of poems

Видео от събитието

Free lessons for talented youth without parents

Репортаж по NOVA

Become Santa Claus to a child in need

Репортаж BG On Air 2016

16 years of making children's dreams come true

Репортаж за Коледа 2023 bTV

What happens to the children in orphanages after Christmas?

Репортаж 100% Будни БНТ

Polly Genova dedicated her concert to our talented young people

Концертът "По-дорбата Коледа" на Поли Генова

Coca-Cola supports talents in need fifth year in a row

Статия на Булевард България

First solo exhibition of a disadvantaged youth

Репортаж на "Вярваме в доброто" bTV 2018

Raised without parents but boldly following his path to programming

Статия в 2023

We keep making dreams come true

Репортаж bTV 2019

We won the Best NPO Business Plan competition

Репортаж БНТ 2019

Start of a Mentoring Program for talents in need

Репортаж BG On Air 2017

250 children in the Dobrich district received gifts for Christmas

Репортаж Телевизия Добрич 2016