“The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” were part of an Amazing Teenage Seminar!

Two of our talented young participants in “The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” – our new year-round mentoring program for gifted underprivileged children visited and successfully passed a four-day teenage seminar for personal development held by “Essence” Foundation. The organizers of the event ensured free participation for our talents and in the framework of this semi-weekly program they taught the young people about important topics such as: conquering fears and failures in life, the road to success and the realized dream, the sense of being yourself, dealing with difficult people and situations, managing emotions in a healty manner and many other important topics

Here’s a little about the seminar itself:

The Seminar “Essence” for teenagers supports young people in the period of life when they often ask themselves “Who am I?”, “What do others think about me?”, “What do I want?”, “Can I handle it?” , “Will I get to achieve my dreams?” and many, many other questions.

It builds on the core ideas of the Essence seminars but is delivered through methods and experiences that reflect and responds to the needs and challenges of the dynamic world of the young person.
This seminar does not provide ready solutions, but accompanies young people in their journey to themselves and others and to their choice:

– Overcome fears and insecurity with more confidence;
– Making failures easier and a valuable experience;
– Getting to know each other and building a meaningful relationship with others;
– Taking responsibility for their lives and believing in their potential to fulfill their dreams;
– BEING YOURSELF AND … enjoy it! ”

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Special thanks to Natalia Nikolova, her team and all the facilitators of the event.