SOFTUNI Reinvented our Website!

This year the great team of professionals from SoftUni  joined orr big family. Maybe you know us as the Bulgarian Santa Claus – our team has been making the Christmas wishes of disadvantaged children and youth from all over the country come true for the past 10 years. We have been operating at national level for 3 years, each year we visit between 7,000 and 8,000 children and young people deprived of parental care, at risk, with disabilities, socially disadvantaged families and adults with mental disabilities. We bring them the desired gift for Christmas, thanks to over 20,000 donors from Bulgaria and abroad. Every December, a team of 200 volunteers tours all 28 regions and visits more than 100 cities and villages. For 10 years we’ve distributed over 30,000 gifts.

Our desire to be part of the lives of these children not only during the holidays but throughout the whole year gave birth to the year-long mentoring program “The hidden talents of Bulgaria”. So with the expansion of our work and its importance, more and more inspiring people join the wave of goodness that floods the country!

When SoftUni heard that we urgently in need of upgrading and optimizing the site, they immediately came to our rescue. Thanks tо many years of experience and exceptional skills in the IT sphere, SoftUni transformed the vision and functionality of the site for less than two weeks. And all this was done PRO BONO!

Every year we meet more and more wonderful and selfless people and companies who believe in our mission, share our strong motivation to support the disadvantaged Bulgarian children and want to be part of this work. Our friends from SoftUni are no different. There are more surprises on the way so stayed tuned.