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“I love drawing because it helped me forget about what was happening around me.”

Dreams of creating his own Japanise Anime Character
Coca-Cola and foodpanda Social Campaign participant
Received his first painting commision in the Program
Applying 3D Animation in New Bulgarian University
Corporate Angels

From an early age I loved drawing because it helped me forget about what was happening around me. I loved it because I felt I had the freedom to express my deepest dreams on a piece of paper and to have the freedom that life can rarely give you.

Painting has always made me forget about my problems and it has made me feel like I’m doing something useful with my life, instead of wasting my time.

I decided to realize myself in the field of fine arts or more precisely in illustration, because I realized that it is not enough for me to take advantage of the freedom that I can get through drawing. I would like other people to be able to enjoy the world I enjoy, and for that purpose… I will need your support. ”

Steven from Plovdiv is one of the new talents this school year. He dreams of creating his anime characters for movies and games one day. With the help of a mentor and a tutor from the Program an intensive preparation for University has already begun. 

Photographer: Milena Stoykova

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