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“Danny has been painting comics and paintings since he was a child…his works have also been noticed by established artists.”

Dreams of becoming a famous artist
Applying to the National Art Academy in Sofia
Student of the famous artist Veselin Natsin
Has won numerous art competition awards
Corporate Angel

Дани живее в Брегово и един от новите участници в “Скритите таланти на България”. Той е самороден талант.

“Дани от малък рисува комикси и картини, включително и в стил „меха манга“. Наскоро разкри таланта си и за училищната общност. На организирана от училището изложба за деня на християнското семейство, творбите му бяха забелязани и от утвърдени творци.

Photograph: Manuel Kirov


„Daniel’s desire to paint and develop in the field of Fine Arts is enormous. My task is to introduce him and prepare him in the basics of painting so that he has the opportunity to continue his journey in higher education…he possesses very unusual creative way of thinking.

Veselin Natsin, famous Artist and Teacher in the Program

„Daniel and I gradually began to follow the path of dreams. Every small step brings him closer to his goals and gives him time to think about future obstacles and success. When we met, Danny was drawing with a ballpoint pen on his notebook – now he makes flash sketches of models with pencils, clay sculptures. He dreams of finding his place in University.”

Martin Georgiev, Daniel’s Mentor 

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