“Ambassador of the Teddy Bear” is a person who stands behind our cause and supports it by organizing a charity event in his school, university, workplace or community to join forces with us and support our fight for a future for the talented Bulgarian children in unequal position.

Radoslav Sviretsov was happy to devote his work to the cause!

The talented photographers – Radoslav Sviretsov, Dimo Hristev, Lyubomir Momchilov, Mario Shumanov, Mikhail Minkov – organized a charity exhibition dedicated to the youth from the mentoring program “Bulgaria’s Hidden Talents”. “Buy Art, Give a Future to a Child” raised funds so that one of our artists could continue his drawing lessons.

Dilmana Folk Dance Group Copenhagen and their Pie Competition

For the sixth year in a row, our dear friends from Dilmana Folk Dance Group Copenhagen organized a charity pie competition in Copenhagen and collected nearly BGN 3,400 for our fight for a better life for gifted Bulgarian children, part of the “Hidden Talents of Bulgaria” mentoring program!

Marina donated her first collection of poems

Marina Yordanova dedicated “Beznachalno” to our talents. She collected donations for the publication of her work through a fundraising platform, then donated all the money collected from the sold poetry books to us. Together, we organized one virtual event and one live event that featured famous actors to support us.

Polygraphia Office Center companies with a creative bazaar to support talent

We were guests of Polygraphia Office Center and together with them and the talented employees of Kostal Bulgaria, Ubisoft we made a wonderful charity bazaar “Donate the talent for the talent”! Tomorrow we will tell you how much money we have collected and how we will use it in the Mentoring Program “The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria”!

If you also have an idea for a charity event, write to us at info@plushenomeche.org and together we can make it happen.